Monday, September 07, 2009

Falling apart at the seams

I must admit that I didn’t have the best weekend ever. But the reasons for not having the best weekend ever I find rather comical. I know self-deprecating humour is sometimes uncomfortable- but I really must share my ridiculous story.

In my commitment to get back into shape I thought the biggest hiccup would be breaking in my new running shoes; but I planned a 13/14 km run on Saturday morning anyway. Little did I know that the new shoes would be the least of my worries. I think all athletes have experienced some form of chafing- no? (My mom was worried if I told the story people would start calling me “thunder thighs”- but really, support me here- anyone who’s ridden a bike a few too many kilometres, or had the bra that didn’t fit quite right has experienced some chafing discomfort- no?) Well it was my luck to feel some burning during the run though I couldn’t quite figure out why; I had specifically put spandex on under my basketball shorts to avoid any discomfort. Unbeknownst to me, at some point during the run the spandex burst at the seam and my tender inner thigh was exposed to rough material for several kilometres. I have experienced the worst chafing of my life- I have an open wound on my inner thigh- is that not horribly hilarious? I have decided to postpone even yoga- I can just imagine all the stretching on my poor cut. If it doesn’t heal quickly my plans to do another half-marathon late September will not be possible.

But it’s not all bad (yes, ever looking for the silver lining)- I will work on my Research Proposal this evening & try to make more headway…perhaps this is a sign from the universe that I should focus on school & not fitness at the moment*grin*.

My other big exciting news of the weekend is that Al & I have invested in a big 20L re-useable water container. Weeee!! The water quality will be better than that of the boiled water we were used to, and I won’t be contributing to the landfill sites overflowing with plastic water bottles. Unfortunately drinking tap water from my home is not an option- so I feel that we’ve taken the next best environmental step- I hope so anyway!

Happy Labour Day Monday to those of you who aren’t working today*grin*. I’m off to make some tea…

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Anonymous said...

Ouch !! I hope you heal quickly !