Friday, September 11, 2009

I wasn't kidding

I've been so bad this week. I was told that "wound" was probably too strong a word to describe some simple chafing. Which is probably true...but the comment inspired me to take a photo to highlight just how awful I've been feeling all week (walking is a problem let alone dreaming of running). Bah. The responses to the photo were too great to keep secret- so here- for all my loyal followers to eeew & yuk at:

The "abrasion" (thanks Sarah T!) has been a wonderful excuse to spend all my time like a recluse working away at my assignment that's due on Tuesday. So I'm really not complaining. The abrasion is looking much better this morning and if I'm still feeling so optimistic I may meet my running partner Saturday morning on my bike*grin*.

Much more exciting emails to come once the school pressure's off I'm sure. Happy weekend- weeee!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ooooh, dear sarah, that looks uncomfortable! how about running in a skirt? might be worth a try.
miss you!
in dc