Thursday, September 03, 2009

Guilty as charged

I'm so keen to write something on my blog so everyone knows I'm still here...but there's not too much of general interest. Let's see if I can come up with something that's not too dull.

1. I'm just back from a work trip to Zambia's "Copperbelt" province. My colleague & I visited some great potential project sites- it was a worthwhile trip. My folks have inquired about the accommodation since when they were here we stayed in a place that was- hmmm, how to put this diplomatically- undoubtedly a brothel. Blue satin sheets to boot. More mosquitoes than I've ever seen in my life inside the mosquito bed netting*hahaha*. I'm happy to report that we stayed in a beautiful guesthouse complete with "princess" mosquito netting (that's my description- I thought it looked all pretty)- hahaha.

2. Saturday basketball- I was so excited because my niece came to the game! She's only 3 months old but I got to have her on my lap for the whole second half- I wish I would've brought my camera- she's such a cutey. Her father lost the game though (which means my hubby's team won)*hahahah*

3. My dear Uncle Emil sent a couple of photos of his granddaughters; I'm borrowing this photo from him (without permission- sorry uncle Em) because I think it's such a beautiful photo. Malia & Olivia:-) Baby Olivia has grown a lot since we met her in June.

4. I'm considering signing up for another half-marathon because people keep telling me I've gained too much's the only way I can motivate myself to start running again*smile*

5. There's lots of school pressure at the moment. I have my huge research proposal due in two weeks. If I don't pass no MA for me...I'll do my best & hope it's enough!

Like I said...nothing much of general interest. I'll come back with a vengeance once this pesky RP is out of the way*grin*.

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Holly Higgins said...

Oh isn't travel fun! Accommodations being brothels... I admit, I laughed out loud.

I am cheering for you on your running and grad school. A long overdue email is composing itself to you in my head, and soon it will find its way to your inbox :)

Lots of love from The Alcan, xo