Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The girls. And their girls.

It just struck me; I’ve been living in Lusaka for five years now- crazy how time flies! During this time I have learned a thing or two about hosting small parties...

1) Plan to have far more people over than you invited
2) Plan to prepare a solid mix of Zambian-safe and Canadian-safe cuisine
3) Don’t plan a thing!

That may not make sense but let me explain; I got the giggles Saturday morning because in the afternoon I was set to host a few girlfriends over for some snacks, drinks, and a lot of gossip. I told myself I would not cook anything; I’d planned a Canadian veggie platter, cold cuts & fresh rolls for snacking alongside a couple bottles of wine. Good thing I’d planned not to cook because the power was out from 09h00 to 13h00- any good Canadian host would’ve been in a panic by then, but I had been assured by one of the girls that a braai stand (barbeque fuelled by charcoal) was on its way over. The bakery I had planned on picking up the rolls from also had no power…no fresh rolls. But with the meat on the way I didn’t have to plan a thing & it all worked out!

I had a blast with the girls- three brought their gorgeous daughters, and everyone pitched in so that there was plenty of food & drink.

Early in the day the photos are coming out nice & clear, by the end of the evening I'm not too sure if the camera was on the wrong setting or if the photographers were too inebriated...

Kolo & Boni getting the meat started.

In'utu (red dress) is just back from completing her Masters degree. It was some kind of programme she found- she studied in England, Manila, & Switzerland- she's truly a woman of the world (she completed her undergrad in Cuba)*grin*. Great to have her back!

Here's Laurane & her sleepy baby Tafika.

Vicki's daughter Ndinawe arrives & she's quickly scooped up by Kolo.

Ndinawe posing. She's such a cutie- but you can imagine just how naughty with those big brown eyes!

I thought Kupela's "no nonsense mother look" was too priceless to leave off the post!

Here's Kupela's beautiful baby Nawiti with a blurry Bwalya (honestly, I wasn't taking the photos)!

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