Friday, June 22, 2012

Comedy & Food- a killer combo

It's been a great week. Last night we caught Russell Peters live, in-person and his show was hilarious. I'd never been interested in comedy shows until Alvin dragged me to a show last year...I fear there is no going back. Tom & Dev bought the tickets for Alvin's 30th & I think we're all pleased that they decided to do so- not just Alvin.
On to the food portion of my post: to my horror I realized that Alvin & I had never had my girlfriend Candra over for Zambian food. How she's been home for nearly a year & never made it over for nshima is Wednesday night we cooked up a feast. (Actually, Candra brought a mean dessert that put us over the edge- sweet potato cheesecake...who knew that would be such a delicious combination?!) Cooking up flavours from Zed always brings warm memories and silly tales; I believe we need to do that more often.

Cabbage, chicken in divine 'soup' - butternut roasted red pepper & a lump of delicious nshima. Really, it tastes so much better than it looks- you'll have to trust me on that or try for yourself*grin*.

Canj's irresistible cheesecake....

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